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About the Book

Music: A Window to the Soul is a
well-reasoned and clearly written guide for
all those who seek to experience,understand,
and share a love for classical music through
informed listening.

The book presents a focused look at the life and works of cherished composers, and will lead readers/listeners to experience the profound impact of their music intellectually, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. The presentation is historical, ranging from medieval music to twentieth century music. Each chapter includes musical encounters, one of which is a detailed guide for the chosen work found on the accompanying CD.

Music: A Window to the Soul is a tantalizing guide to informed listening that will inspire deeper study in teachers, students, and amateurs. It will be a valuable addition to any music library.

Music: A Window to the Soul

•  to enter the vast world of the great composers

•  to know their beautiful melodies

•  to gain perspective on the history of Western music

•  to learn how composers organize sound to touch our 
    hearts and move our minds

•  to experience music encounters that  deepen our
    understanding of the music

•  to feel how slow, thoughtful music can touch us in a
    special way

•  to gain a greater self-awareness through reflections
    that deepen our personal experience

•  to become inspired to learn more about these
    composers and their music